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Recorded Online Courses

Self-paced Online courses giving you the flexibility to study from whenever, wherever!

Presentation Skill Course

Presentation Skills is a certified online course, containing modules that are practical and relevant to public speaking, and to presenting.

99 €

eLearning Fun
Quizzes & Games

This course will introduce and promote different gamification tools within eLearning with everything shifting online.

99 €

Bitcoin Course for Beginners

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency created and in this course you will learn how it was created, acquired, sold, traded and how to invest in Bitcoin.

Live Online Courses

Each course contains 8 live sessions of 2 hours each spread over a number of weeks with our trainers.

Game development for students (scratch)

Learn programming through building interactive games using Scratch software. Ideal for ages 12 to 16.

€ 99

new ways of teaching (schools and parents)

Practical tools for building interactive lessons, quizzes and games to share online with students of all ages.

€ 149

emotional intelligence training

Improve your Emotional intelligence to be able to better understand, motivate and interact with others.

€ 199

Technology tools for students with dyslexia

Learn more about learning difficulties and how to use technological tools to facilitate teaching and understanding.

€ 149


Join live 2 hour sessions where you can interact with the speaker and other participants

The Art of

This webinar will be offering practical advice on public speaking and how to deliver a successful and engaging online presentation.

49 €

New Ways of Teaching Languages

The first installment of our “New Ways of Teaching” series, where we will be referring to a range of online tools for language learning.

49 €

Inclusive Education – Tools & Technology

This webinar will help equip users with the necessary tools and skills to meet the needs of students with learning difficulties.

49 €

Becoming an Entrepreneur

This webinar will be going into detail about the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur as well as the skills needed on the way.

49 €

Our Expertise

Our success lies in the knowledge and expertise of our staff. Our dynamic team of speakers will provide you with riveting courses.


We offer a range of course aimed at women and entrepreneurs to help you understand business modelling, and others aimed at improving crucial skills in today’s day and age such as Presentation and Digital Marketing skills.

EDUCATION Technology 

Aimed at educators, we give you the tools to improve your method of teaching, whether it is face-to-face or online. Including quizzes and games together with robotics, we help teachers keep their students engaged during lessons.


Our standard courses range from the popular ISO 9001 Quality Standard to the more specific ISO 45001 OH&S, ISO 17025 Laboratory and ISO 14001 Environmental Standards. We also offer a Marine Oil Spills Prevention and Management course.

health and inclusion

Our leading experts in Dementia provide courses to improve the skills of carers. We also provide an Inclusive Education – Tools and Technology course to meet the needs of students with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, autism and ADHD.

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