Starting up in Business



Get your business up and running upon strong foundations and gather a clear view of how things should be done to ensure the best results.



This course is aimed at giving participants the means to build businesses upon strong foundations and acquire further knowledge on how to develop it further.

Duration: 8 weeks x 2 hours

Date & Time: TBA

Software Program: Zoom

Category: Professional Development; Business; Marketing

What will you learn from this course? : These sessions intend to introduce the culture of entrepreneurship and provide the fundamentals needed for any forms of business. Furthermore, it will delve deeper into how one can develop and promote their interests by illustrating several tools that anyone can learn to use in order to enhance their business ventures.

Content of the course includes:

  1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  2. Marketing plan and Marketing tools
  3. Entrepreneurial Soft skills
  4. Communication skills
  5. Networking
  6. Importance of Work-Life balance




Angele Giuliano

Bio: Having taught the “New Ways of Learning” course during this year’s Summer Coding Bootcamp, Angele has a number of tools and resources in her arsenal that are ideal for all levels of  teachers and learners. She is a life-long entrepreneur, and as the sole Director of AcrossLimits Ltd and the Head of TrainingMalta™, has been delivering online and face-to-face courses for nearly 20 years. Angele is interested in teaching uses of technology in the fields of education, health, business and culture. As a result, she has taught a wide range of students throughout her career, including entrepreneurs, teachers, parents, as well as children

Maryrose Francica

Bio: Maryrose’s area of expertise is in management. Before joining AcrossLimits in 2004, she managed the family business for 11 years where she mostly dealt with the administrative side of the business as well as the added function of sourcing out foreign contacts. Her responsibilities as part of AcrossLimits have included the management of EU-funded projects, specifically in the area of entrepreneurship. Maryrose also serves as the Executive Coordinator of the Foundation of Women Entrepreneurs (Malta) and is the Maltese representative on the Business Platform for Multilingualism.


  • Will there be a recording of this course?
  • A recording will be sent to those who have attended the course.


  • Am I allowed to ask questions?
  • Yes, there is a chat box which will allow you to type your comments and queries. Towards the end of the session, we will hold a short Q&A where all your questions will be answered by the speaker.


  • Will I be asked questions?
  • Yes, all our webinars are interactive and there are live polls and shared whiteboards that might be used by the lecturer to engage the audience.


  • Are there any entry requirements for joining the webinar?
  • The webinar is open to all users, and is on a first come, first served basis.  However, it is advised that you are confident in using an internet browser and e-meeting software.


  • What are the technical requirements for joining the webinar?
  • A steady internet connection, a good headset and microphone for hearing and interacting with the lecturer and the Zoom app pre-installed.


  • What if I’m having technical problems?
  • A dedicated technical expert will be active on the chat in order to address your concerns throughout all sessions.


  • Will pictures be taken of me?
  • Your webcam will not be enabled during the course in order to see the speaker in fullscreen mode. Therefore, the only pictures that will be taken are those of the speaker, which will be used for promotional purposes. However, we will need your consent (a form will be provided closer to the date of the course) due to the recording of the session.


Notice: This course will only proceed as planned if at least 5 participants will be attending the course. If there are less than 5 participants who have registered for the course before it commences, they will either be reimbursed or moved to another date when the course will be taking place.