EU Citizens 




Our courses are competitively priced, however there is more than one way to help you fund your expense for them.

Funding under Erasmus+

The cost of this course (and even the travel and accommodation to Malta) can be funded through the Erasmus Plus Programme under Key Action 1 (Learning Mobility of Individuals). Anyone working in the education, training and youth sectors can apply at their own national agency within the European Union and in Associated Countries.

List of National Agencies can be found at

Steps for ERASMUS+ Applications

  1. The school, college, university or institute must first register in the Unique Registration Facility (URF). The ECAS User Manual PDF explains the necessary steps for obtaining a URF.
  2. Once registered the school will obtain a PIC (Personal Identification Code) number.
  3. The school, college, university or institute must then submit the application with the National Agency. The application must be under Key Action 1 (Mobility of individuals in the field of education, training and youth).
  4. Fill in your National Agency form and attach to it the pre-acceptance letter that you have received now.
  5. Submit the form in time for your local national deadlines (all countries are different so check with your local Agency)
  6. Wait patiently for the answer… and as soon as you know the outcome send us an email.
  7. Our staff will then guide you on the next steps to be done until you come and join us for a week in wonderful Malta!

Funding under European Social Fund

The European Social Fund in each EU country helps individuals prepare themselves better for the world of work. Some countries have a fund to allow individuals to improve their skills in collaboration with ESF. Fill in the fields required and you should find more information about the national managing authority for the ESF in your country is and how they can help: 

Funding for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

We are aware that there are several countries who offer support to whoever wants to open up a business and wants to keep developing skills in order to do so successfully. Even particular business incubators and business organisations would sometimes help in travelling abroad in order to learn new business skills. Get in touch with your local representative of the Enterprise Europe Network as they are the ones who should know where such funds are!

Private funding

Organisations and individuals can benefit from discounts if they apply for a course as a group. A 5% discount is given to groups of between 4 and 9 people who are attending the same course, whilst groups of 10 or more people attending the same course will benefit from a 10% discount. Contact us to learn of other potential discounts and offers, especially if you are attending as a group.


Maltese Citizens Including EU Nationals and 3rd Country Nationals residing in Malta




The Government of Malta is providing schemes that offer up to 75% refund when training your staff. Follow the links below to find a scheme that suits you:

Get Qualified 2017 – 2023: This scheme is an initiative that supports the personal development of individuals for the achievement of qualifications and certifications required by industry. The incentive is applicable to individuals following a course of studies leading to a certification, diploma, degree or post-graduate degree courses. Upon successful completion the student will benefit from a tax credit enabling them to recover part of the costs incurred. Read More

Investing in Skills: An allocation of €8 million has been made available for a new initiative to promote training activities. Investing in Skills falls under Malta’s Operational Programme II of the ESF – ‘Investing in human capital to create more opportunities and promote the well-being of society’ for the 2014-2020 programming period. To promote the training of persons actively participating in the Maltese Labour Market with the aim to increase productivity and enhance adaptability. Closing date 31st March 2023.  Read More

Training pays Scheme: The Training Pays Scheme, forms part of the ESF.01.001 – Training for Employment Project and it aims to assist individuals to develop their skills by participating in further off-the-job education and training. The scheme offers assistance in the form of a training grant to aid participants with costs relating to training. This grant will be awarded to the individual (trainee) after successful completion of their training. Read More