At Training Malta we offer a variety of face-to-face courses which we will be resuming as soon as Covid19 restrictions are lifted. If you are interested in any of the courses , or have any questions regarding these courses, please send us your thoughts through the enquiry page on our website, or the enquiry buttons below.

Teaching Special
Needs Students

Understand the potential of using technology-based tools when dealing with learning difficulties.

eLearning Fun
Quizzes & Games

Interactive tools for building interactive lessons, quizzes and games to share online with students of all ages


Improve your Emotional intelligence to be able to better understand, motivate and interact with others.


This course will focus on soft skills such as; Communication, Leadership, Problem Solving, Work Ethic…

Starting up
in Business

Learn more about the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur as well as the skills needed on the way.

Robotics in Primary Education

Learn how to use different types of robots, mobile apps and how to adapt these tools to education.

Digital Marketing and Networking

How to market a business online, different channels that can be used, Social Networking and its power.

Presentation Skills Course

Practical advice on public speaking and how to deliver a successful and engaging presentations

Game Development for Students

Learn programming through building interactive games using Scratch software.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned to check out our new courses

Coming Soon

Stay tuned to check out our new courses

Coming Soon

Stay tuned to check out our new courses