Technology Tools for Teaching Students with Dyslexia and Other Special Needs

Course Outline

This course aims to help teachers, parents and schools understand the potential of using technology based tools when dealing with the teaching of special needs students. Particular emphasis will be given to students with dyslexia and dyscalculia, however other issues including ADHD, mild Autistic Spectrum Disorders and also physical disabilities like deaf and blind students will be also discussed. General information and pedagogical methods will be coupled with hands on practical sessions using apps, software, hardware and other online or offline technology based tools. The course will go into different approaches for different age groups and subjects, whilst also delivering best practices and case studies. Online educational resources on additional teaching materials and methods for special needs education will be also an integral part of this course.

Target Audience:

This course is ideal for school teachers, other teaching assistants and parents that deal with children between the ages of 6 and 16. School administration officials, ICT teachers, pedagogical researchers, NGOs will also take back a lot of interesting materials from this course.


Participants for this course must be familiar with basic computer and Internet skills. Good knowledge of English is a must.

Course Outcomes

  • Awareness of the different types of special needs
  • Confidence in using online tools for SEN
  • Knowledge of how to use technology tools to teach a variety of subjects to special needs students
  • Awareness of where to find existing educational resources for SEN students
  • Hands on practical knowledge on using iSmart


€ 350

Course Tuition, Materials, Facilities and refreshments. Access to online portal for support and notes

Tuition fee is VAT exempt 

Logistics Package

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25hrs of face-to-face tuition

Certificate Type

All our course participants will receive a certificate of attendance. Europass mobility documents can also be given when requested

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